Yes or No Questions Examples with Answers

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Yes or No Questions Examples with Answers
Yes or No Questions Examples with Answers

-Yes or No Questions Examples with Answers-Question is an expression of curiosity. When people have a strong desire to know about something, they will obtain information by asking a question. There two basic type of questions in English, namely WH- question and Yes – no question. Yes – no question or polar question is a question that only has two possible answers, yes or no (kalimat Yes – No question adalah kalimat tanya yang hanya mempunya dua kemungkinan jawaban, yakni ya atau tidak). Well, after you understand what is “yes – no question”, this article (Contoh Kalimat Yes – No Question Beserta Jawabannya) will help tou to form a yes no question sentence. Let’s practice!

Here is the way to make a question sentence which has yes or no answer. I provide some examples to make you more understand (Contoh Kalimat Yes – No Question Beserta Jawabannya).

Type of Yes-No Question and Example

Here is the way to make a question sentence which has yes or no answer. I provide some examples to make you more understand.

1. Yes – no question with nominal sentence

Nominal sentence is a sentence which has no verbal predicate. It may contain an adjectival predicate, an adverbial predicate, a nominal predicate or even a prepositional predicate.
To be (is, are) + Subject (he, she it, they, you) + Noun/adv/adj


Q: Are you new students of seven graders?
A: yes, I am

Q: is it your new car?
A: yes, it is.

Q: were you in a department store yesterday?
A: yes, I was

Q: was he a politician?
A: no, he wasn’t

Q: Are you listening to music right now?
A: yes, I am

Q: Are you sleepy?
A: no, I am not.

Q: Was Maggie sick yesterday?
A No, she wasn’t.

Q: Is your father doctor?
A: no, he is not. He is a teacher.

Q: are they cello player?
A: yes, they are

Q: is it your smartphone?
A: yes, it is. It is mine

Q: is he your brother?
A: yes, he is my youngest brother

Q: Are you busy right now?
A: yes, I am

Q: is your mother baker?
A: no, she is not.

Q: Were you at a cinema last night?
A: Yes, I was.

Q: Were they your employee?
A: yes, they were.

2. Yes – no question with verbal sentence

Auxiliary verb + Subject + Verb + object/complement


Q: Do you know anything about our new mathematics teacher?
A: No, I don’t. I have no idea.

Q: Does he know that today is your birthday?
A: Yes, he does.

Q: Did you make this ice cream?
A: yes, I did.

Q: Do you like music?
A: yes I do. I am guitarist
Q: Do you make a band?
A: yes, I do. A rock band.

Q: Do you remember that today our school football team will join a competition?
A: Yes, I do.

Q: Do you bring some pencil?
A: Yes I do
Q: May I borrow your pencil?
A: sure

Q: Does it work? The washing machine?
A: No, it doesn’t. It is broke.

Q: Does he like a movie?
A: yes, he does.

Q: Does she swimming every day?
A: No, she doesn’t

Q: Did the all members of English Club visit Borobudur Temple last month?
A: Yes, they did

Q: Do you work in a post office?
A: yes, I do

Q: Did you move to New York last year?
A: no, I don’t

Q: Do you like soymilk? I have some.
A: Yes, I do.

Q: Did he tell the truth?
A: no, he did not

3. Yes – no question with modal

Modal (can, may, should)+ Subject + Verb + object/complement

Q: Can you turn on the lamp? It’s getting dark now.
A: yes, I can

Q: May I borrow your smartphone?
A: no, you may not. It is broken

Q: Should I left this box?
A: Yes, you should

Q: May I help you?
A: yes, you may help me.

Q: Should I text her?
A: yes, you should

Q: Should he drive the car?
A: Yes, he should

Q: Can you fix my bicycle?
A: No, I can not

Q: May I have this cake?
A: yes, you may.

Q: Must they attend the meeting today?
A: yes they must

Q: Could you come to my office?
A: no, I could not.

Q: should I drink these pills?
A: yes, you should.

Q: Can you tell me about the case?
A: yes, I can?

Q: can you see it clearly?
A: no, I can not

Q: can you type quickly?
A: yes, I can

These are example that each dialog contain of three type yes no question (berikut ini merupakan contoh kalimat yes – no question dalam dialog).

Example – 1

Vic: What’s up dude?
Trevor: My motorcycle is broken, can you fix it?
Vic: yes, I can. Place your motorcycle there.

Example – 2

Q: Can you tell me about the previous lesson?
A: Yes, I can. Did you absent yesterday?
Q: yes, I did.
A: here my note.
Q: may I copy this?
A: Yes you may. You can bring it to your home if you want to
Q: thank you.

Example – 3

Q: Do you know about the cultural festival?
A: Yes, I do. This festival is hold once in a year.
Q: May I join this occasion?
A: yes, you may. Actually all students must join this festival

Example – 4

Q: are you busy?
A: no, I am not. What the matter?
Q: can you help me type these?
A: yes, I can. Should I finish this quickly?
Q: No, you should not.

Example – 5

Q: can you put this box to other place?
A: yes, I can. May I put this on chair?
Q: no, you may not. I just want to sit there, you may put in cupboard
A: All right.
Q: Did you eat a cake that I’ve put in refrigerator?
A: ah ya… I did. Is it yours? I’m sorry…should I buy another for you?
Q: no… you should not. Never mind.

Example – 6

Q: Do you like music?
A: yes, I do. Why?
Q: would you mind if you come to this concert?
A: Our Last Night? That’s my favorite band. I’d love to
Q: It start at 8 PM. May I pick you up?
A: yes you may. Please come at 7. Would you?
Q: yes, I would.

Ok that’s all about yes no question and its examples. I expect that you can understand what actually yes no question is and how to form a yes no question.


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