20 Dialog Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

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Dialog Bahasa Inggris Terbaru
Dialog Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

20 Dialog Bahasa Inggris Terbaru – Untuk memahami dialog memang tidaklah mudah, harus dilakukan latihan yang ekstra. Berikut 20 dialog Bahasa Inggris terbaru yang dapat membantu untuk mengingat, memahami, dan menguasai kata-kata atau kalimat yang sering digunakan dalam percakapan sehari-hari.

1. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Have you had breakfast?

Lidia: Hi Kate, how are you doing?
Katarina: Very well, what about you?
Lidia: Never better. Have you had breakfast?
Katarina: No I haven’t. I skipped my breakfast
Lidia: Why? Don’t you feel hungry?
Katarina: I woke up late this morning and my mom didn’t cook anything

2. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Any good restaurants around here?

Boss: Today we have a guest from New Zealand, I have invited him for lunch.
Secretary: May I know where you invite him for lunch?
Boss: I haven’t decided it yet. Do you know of any good restaurants around here?
Secretary: What about Chinese restaurant?
Boss: Great idea. Thank you

3. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: What food do you like?

Andi: Today is Melanie’s birthday. She will treat us
Budi: I hope she will take us to meat ball or chicken noodle restaurant. By the way, what food do you like?
Andi: I like rendang, so I hope she will take us to Padang restaurant
Budi: I don’t want to eat rice now, but if she takes us to Padang restaurant, I will join because it’s free
Andi: Hahaha, yes you are right, as long as it’s free we love the food

4. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Prepare for going to the party

Mom: Nina, don’t forget! Next week is your cousin’s wedding. You have to prepare everything before going to the wedding party
Nina: I know Mom, don’t worry about me.
Mom: You always forget something, so you have to make a list what things that you have to bring
Nina: Okay Mom

5. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: I love cooking

Nadia: I want to have a YouTube channel
Vega: Great, that’s a good idea. What channel?
Nadia: Cooking channel. Because I love cooking
Vega: Yes, you can do it. You can make a new menu or how to cook easily

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6. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Can you help me?

Teacher: Alright students, today we are going to watch a video related to the lesson. Aldo, can you help me?
Aldo: Yes Mister, what can I do for you?
Teacher: Please take my laptop in the office on my desk.
Aldo: Alright Mister

7. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: She was beautiful

Andin: Do you know Mrs. Adi?
Aline: Of course, She is our new neighborhood
Andin: She was a model when she was young. She was beautiful
Aline: But, what happened now?
Andin: It’s all because of the baby and she couldn’t take care of her body. That’s why she looks fat now
Aline: She has to go to gymnastic
Andin: Yes, I’ll try to invite her to go
Aline: Good luck

8. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: How can I help you?

Customer: Excuse me, Sir.
Office Boy: Yes, Sir. How can I help you?
Customer: Can you show me where the bathroom is?
Office Boy: Sure, come here Sir.
Customer: Thank you so much
Office Boy: My pleasure, Sir

9. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Go to the doctor

Willy: Hi doc, I have fever and cough
The doctor: How long has it been?
Willy: Two days, I have tried to take medicine but it doesn’t work
The doctor: Okay, you can take this medicine and take a rest
Willy: Thanks doc

10. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: You must put your mask on!

Mirna: I want to go to the market
Ali: You may go but you must put on your mask first
Mirna: Okay, I’ll never forget.
Ali: Good

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11. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: How much money do you spend?

Haider: Hi Nisa, I bought a new PC yesterday
Nisa: Finally, you have a new PC. How much money do u spend for buying it?
Haider: It’s about 400 US dollars
Nisa: Wow fantastic

12. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Can I have this one?

Mom: I’ve just bought two hand sanitizers
Me: Can I have this one?
Mom: Sure, take it. You need it to prevent of the virus
Me: Thanks Mom

13. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Would you like to?

Waitress: Welcome, would you like to order?
Mirza: Yes, I’d like a pan of pizza
Waitress: Would you like to dine in or take away?
Mirza: Take away please
Waitress: Alright, thank you Sir.

14. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: How can I get in touch with you?

Mina: Hi Liza, it’s great to meet you
Liza: Yes, the last time we kept in touch when we were at senior high school
Mina: Do you have a Facebook account?
Liza: No, I don’t.
Mina: How can I get in touch with you?
Liza: Just call or text me, here my number.

15. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Let’s go to the canteen

Lidia: Let’s eat something at the canteen
Katarina: I’m lazy to go because I have to write the task
Lidia: Come on, you have to eat something. At least just a bite of bread
Katarina: Alright, let’s go. I’ll do the task later
Lidia: Good

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16. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Make a video

Nadia: Vega, I don’t know how to make a video
Vega: I’ll help you to make the video, you just do cooking
Nadia: Alright, thank you so much
Vega: Anytime my friend

17. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Buy a new bag

Nina: I have prepared my dress, also my shoes. But I don’t have any small bag, all of mine are big
Mom: You can use mine or you can buy it first on online shop. It will take two or three days waiting for the bag
Nina: Thanks Mom, I’ll search it on online shop
Mom: Buy it for the gift too. Choose the best one

18. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Online class

Mia: I feel bored with online class
Ami: Yes, I hope we can study normally soon
Mia: I hope so

19. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: I need a job

Hani: I need a job to increase my income
Handry: Just find it out on Facebook
Hani: Why Facebook?
Handry: There are many vacancies that suit for you
Hani: Thanks

20. Dialog Bahasa Inggris: Work from home

Faiza: Why are you still at home this time?
Fadhly: Since pandemic, I have worked from home
Faiza: So lucky. I still have to go to the office
Fadhly: Be careful
Faiza: Thanks

Itulah dia 20 dialog Bahasa Inggris singkat terbaru, semoga bermanfaat dan selamat berlatih.



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