45 Soal (Verb) dan Jawabannya

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45 Soal (Verb) dan Jawabannya

45 Soal (Verb) dan Jawabannya

-45 soal (Verb) dan jawabannya-Verb adalah sebuah kata kerja yang menjadi pelengkap dalam susunan suatu kalimat. Verb adalah kata yang dilakukan oleh subjek dalam sebuah kalimat. Dalam test TOEFL, verb sering kali menjadi suatu focus perhatian dan ditanyakan. Di bawah ini, diberikan latihan soal verb dan jawabannya sehingga Anda bisa mendapatkan nilai yang tinggi dalam test TOEFL.

Latihan Soal Verb dan jawabannya: Soal pilihan ganda

Petunjuk: Pilihlah kata verb/ to be yang tepat sesuai dengan keadaan dalam kalimat tersebut.

1. My mother has been ________ Rendang since this morning because of my girlfriend will ___ to my home.
a. Cook, came                          c. Cooked, come
b. Cooks, come                       d. Cooking, came

2. Juliet has been ________ Romeo since she was seventeen years old. And she ___ love others men, just Romeo in her heart.
a. Loved, Do not                     c. Loving, Does not
b. Loves, Do not                     d. Love, Does not

3. Victoria Beckham ___________ her last design project for this month perfectly. But, she ___ to submit it.
a. Have finished, forget         c. Has finishing, forget
b. Has finished, forgets          d. Have finish, forgotten

4. My friends and I have ___ ___ our homework. So, my teacher is angry with us.
a. Forgot, to bring                 c. Forget, to bring
b. Forgotten, to brought       d. Forgots, to brought

5. My brother will be ________ to Jakarta tomorrow. But, he ___ go to Monas.
a. Go, Does not                      c. Going, Does not
b. Goes, Does not                  d. Gone, Do not

6. Ariel Noah will be _______ in the orphanage the day after tomorrow.
a. Sing                                    c. Sang
b. Sung                                  d. Singing

7. They ________ not ___ on time.
a. Is, Arriving                        c. Are, Arrives
b. Are, Arrived                      d. Are, Arrive

8. ___ your brother teach you on Saturday? Because I ___ that your brother is smart.
a. Do, knows                          c. Is, knew
b. Does, know                        d. Are, know

9. This car _______ too expensive, I will ___ it tomorrow.
a. Is not, buy                          c. Are not, bought
b. Are not, buy                      d. Is not, bought

10. ____ you afraid with that cockroach?
a. Is                                       c. Are
b. Am                                   d. Have

11. Marron 5 has been ________ since yesterday.
a. Sing                                c. Sang
b. Sings                               d. Singing

12. He ___ play soccer. But he ___ basketball.
a. Does not, plays              c. Do not, plays
b. Does not, play               d. Do not, play

13. Angelina Jolie _____ _____ a red dress in that mall.
a. Have took                     c. Has taking
b. Has took                       d. Have take

14. My mother and I always ___________ to this market. We like to ___ vegetables here.
a. Goes, bought                c. Going, buy
b. Go, buy                          d. Went, buy

15. Yesterday, my wife ________ to USA to buy clothes and lipstick.
a. Go                                c. Going
b. Goes                            d. Went

16. Does she _______ this meal? In my opinion, this meal ___ so delicious.
a. Cook, is                         c. Cooking, are
b. Cooks, is                       d. Cooked, are

17. He and she ________ through this path yesterday.
a. Walking                        c. Walked
b. Walk                            d. Walks

18. My cat ___ a male.
a. Are                                c. Like
b. Is                                  d. Loves

19. Two days ago, my boyfriend _______ a red rose to me.
a. Buying                         c. Buy
b. Buys                            d. Bought

20. ____ She angry with you yesterday?
a. Was                             c. Are
b. Were                           d. Is

21. Justin Bieber went to Indonesia yesterday and he will _________ around Asia tomorrow.
a. Traveled                      c. Travels
b. Travel                         d. Traveling

22. Anissa is ________ her teeth.
a. Brushes                       c. Brushing
b. Brush                         d. Brushed

23. My grandmother like to ________ Muse’s song such as Starlight and Madness.
a. Listens                      c. Listened
b. Listen                       d. Listening

24. Sule is always humorous, lovable, and _______.
a. Kind                         c. Kind full
b. Kind less                 d. Kindly

25. This black cat can ________ too that place ___.
a. Jumped, quickly        c. Jump, quickly
b. Jump, quick              d. Jumps, quickly

Baca juga : Pengertian Verb dan Contohnya 

Kunci jawaban

1. C. Cooked, come
2. C. Loving, Does not
3. B. Has finished, forgets
4. A. Forgot, to bring
5. C. Going, does not
6. D. Singing
7. B. Are, arrived
8. B. Does, know
9. A. Is not, buy
10. C. Are
11. D. Singing
12. A. Does not, play
13. B. Has took
14. B. Go, buy
15. D. Went
16. A. Cook, is
17. C. Walked
18. B. Is
19. D. Bought
20. A. Was
21. B. Travel
22. C. Brushing
23. B. Listen
24. A. Kind
25. D. Jumps, quickly

Latihan Soal Verb dan jawabannya: Soal essay

Petunjuk: Tentukanlah kata verb/ to be yang tepat sesuai dengan keadaan dalam kalimat tersebut. Petunjuk verb diberikan di dalam kurung.

Hello! My name (1. To be) __________ Namaz Eral. I am 22 years old and I just (2. Graduated) __________ from my bachelor degree program. Yesterday, I (3. To be) __________ so upset because I (4. make) __________ a mistake during my job interview. I (5. To be) __________ too nervous in that moment so I could not (6. speak) ___________ up (7. Clear) __________. The interviewer (8. Ask) ___________ me about my final project, but I could not (9. Explain) __________ it. From that experience, now I (10. Realize) _________ to (11. get) __________ calm and focus in front of the interviewer. In the future, I want to (12. become) _________ a geologist. My dream is to (13.Find) __________ a huge discovery of oil reserved in Indonesia. My hobby (14. To be) __________ reading, watching movie and (15. Play) __________ soccer. I always (16. Play) __________ soccer with my friends in “Gelora Bung Karno” stadium every Sunday morning. But, I cannot (17. accompany) __________ for (18. Play) _________ soccer the next Sunday because I must to (19. Attend) _________ the interview session with Schlumberger. I hope this interview can (20. Bring) _________ me closer to my dream.

Artikel terkait : Pengertian dan Contoh Auxiliary Verb

Kunci jawaban

1. Is
2. Graduate
3. Was
4. Made
5. Was
6. Speak
7. Clearly
8. Asked
9. Explain
10. Realized
11. Get
12. Become
13. Find
14. Is
15. Playing
16. Play
17. Accompany
18. Playing
19. Attend
20. Bring

Artikel lainya: Penjelasan dan Contoh Phrasal Verbs

Demikianlah beberapa contoh latihan soal (Verb), Semoga bermanfaat, Terima kasih 😉

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