Kumpulan Soal Latihan UTBK Bahasa Inggris Dan Pembahasannya

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Kumpulan Soal UTBK Bahasa Inggris
Kumpulan Soal UTBK Bahasa Inggris

Kumpulan Soal Latihan UTBK Bahasa InggrisUTBK Bahasa inggris menjadikan pelajar harus ekstra dalam belajar, apalagi jika basic inggris pelajar belum mumpuni. Selain belajar basic inggris, pelajaran juga harus mampu memahami soal yang diberikan. Berikut kumpulan soal latihan UTBK Bahasa Inggris yang bisa Anda pelajari.

Bacaan berikut untuk mengerjakan nomor 1 – 3

In almost every developing country, the lack of adequate supplies of cheap, convenient and reliable. Fuel is a major problem. Rural commodities depend largely on kerosene, wood, and dung for their cooking and lighting needs, but kerosene is now priced out of reach of many people, and wood, except in heavily forested areas, is in short supply. The search for firewood occupies a large part of the working day and has resulted in widespread deforestation.

Dung is in constant supply wherever there are farm animals and when dried, it is convenient to store and use. But burning dung destroys its value as fertilizer, thus depriving the soil of a much-needed source of humus and nitrogen. Rural areas of developing countries are also plagued by a lack of adequate sanitation, improper waste disposal spreads disease, contaminates water sources, and provides feeding grounds for disease-carrying insects.

The problem of improving environmental hygiene, conserving sources, and finding alternative sources of fuel may be unrelated. Their solution, however, is not, as many countries experimenting with biogas technology are discovering. Biogas, a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, is produced by anaerobic fermentation is a natural one. Occurring whenever living matter decomposes. By keeping the matter and the process in a digester or biogas plan, the combustible gas can be trapped and used as fuel for household lighting and cooking. The digested slurry that remains can be used on the land as a soil conditioner and fertilizer.

Soal 1

What is the text mainly about?
a. Socio-economic problems in developing countries
b. The process of producing biogas
c. The effect of burning dung on the soil
d. Biogas as a solution so many problems
e. The advantages of using dung as fuel
Jawaban: A
Bacaan daru teks di atas sedang memaparkan sebuah permasalahan berbau sosial dan juga ekonomi yang terjadi di sebuah negara yang masih berkembang.

Soal 2

What are the two problems mentioned in the text?
a. Pollution and the high price of fuel
b. Widespread deforestation and the use of dung
c. The lack of adequate fuel and hygienic conditions
d. The lack of humus and nitrogen in the soil
e. Contaminated water sources and rural areas
Jawaban: C
Masalah utama pada bacaan yang ada di atas adalah kurangnya adanya bahan bakar yang layak dan baik, serta kondisi dari kesehatan.

Soal 3

The disadvantage of traditional fuel used in developing countries is that they…
a. Reduce people’s energy
b. Are difficult to extract
c. Make the soil poor
d. Do not meet people needs
e. Cause damage to the environment
Jawaban: E
Kerugian dari adanya bahan bakar tradisional apabila diterapkan pada sebuah negara berkembang tentunya bisa menyebabkan kerusakan pada lingkungan.

Bacaan berikut untuk mengerjakan nomor 4 – 6

Manic depression is another psychiatric illness that mainly affects mood. A patient suffering from this disease will alternate between periods of manic excitement and extreme depression, with or without relatively normal periods in between. The changes in mood suffered by a manic–depressive patient go far beyond the day-to-day mood changes experienced by the general population. In the period of manic excitement, the mood elevation can become so intense that it can result in extended insomnia, extreme irritability, and heightened aggressiveness. In the period of depression, which may last for several weeks or months, a patient experiences feelings of general fatigue, uselessness, and hopelessness, and in serious cases, may contemplate suicide.

Soal 4

The topic of this passage is…
a. Various psychiatric illnesses
b. How depression affects the mood
c. The intense period of manic excitement
d. The mood changes of manic depression
e. How insomnia happens
Jawaban: B. How depression affects the mood
Topik yang tertera pada bacaan paragraf di atas adalah tentang sebuah keadaan depresi yang datang dan memengaruhi perasaan pada seseorang yang menderita.

Soal 5

The passage indicates that most people…
a. Never undergo mood changes
b. Experience occasional shifts in mood
c. Switch wildly from highs to lows
d. Become highly depressed
e. Feel happy anytime
Jawaban: D. Become highly depressed
Pada bacaan yang ada di atas tersirat makna bahwa sebagian besar orang – orang bisa saja menjadi sangat depresi.

Soal 6

The passage implies that…
a. Changes from excitement to depression occur frequently and often
b. Only manic depressive patients experience aggression
c. The depressive phase of this disease can be more harmful than the manic phase
d. Suicide is inevitable in cases of manic depression
e. A different type of mental disease
Jawaban: C. The depressive phase of this disease can be more harmful than the manic phase
Yang ada pada bacaan di atas tersebut, tersirat adanya informasi mengenai fase dari pada depresif yang nyatanya bisa lebih berbahaya bibandingkan pada fase manic.

Demikianlah sekilas artikel yang mengenai beberapa contoh soal Ujian UTBK Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat. Terimakasih




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