15 Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Present Continuous Tense

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15 Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Present Continuous Tense-Salah satu Tenses yang sering muncul dalam pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris adalah Present Continuous Tense. Present Continuous Tense biasa disebut juga Present Progressive Tense.
Present continuous tense adalah bentuk kalimat yang menyatakan suatu kegiatan  atau aksi yang sedang berlangsung atau in progress pada waktu sekarang atau saat ini. Secara singkat, tense ini menunjukkan suatu kejadian sedang dilakukan atau sedang terjadi pada saat ini.
Present Continuous Tense
Present Continuous Tense

Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Present Continuous Tense

Soal pilihan ganda present continuous tense dapat digunakan sebagai alternatif untuk membantu siswa mengasah kemampuannya dalam menggunakan Tenses ini. Berikut kami sajikan beberapa contoh soal pilihan ganda present continuous tense.
1. It is now 11.00 pm. Iriana ….. sleeping in her bedroom.
a. is                                           c. were
b. am                                        d. Were
2. I need an umbrella because it’s ……………… right now.
a. rain                                      c. raining
b. rains                                    d. Rained
3. Susan and Susanna …….. writing poems for an English subject.
a. is                                  c. am
b. are                              d. be
4. Please be quiet. I …… trying to concentrate.
a. am                            c. were
b. is                              d. are
5. what ……. you …….. ?
a. is – doing                  c. am – doing
b. are – doing               d. were – doing
6. … Mary reading a book in her classroom?
a. is                               c. was
b. am                            d. were
7. They …… …… …………………….. a cup of coffee, but chocolate.
a. is not collecting                                    c. is not drinking
b. are not drinking                                   d. are not collecting
8. Why ……. your sister crying so loud? Please give her candies or something.
a. is                                c. am
b. are                             d. were
9. Is he bringing my laptop? ………………….
a. Yes, he is.                     c. Yes, he does.
b. No, he does not.          d. No, he is.
10. ……. they ……………. in a good company? Yes, they are.
a. Is – going                        c. Are – working
b. Am – talking                   d. Were – studying
11. Diana: Look! It’s snowing.
 Anggi: So beautiful. This is the first time I have ever seen snow. It …….. (snow,not) in my country.
a. are not snowing                               c. was not snowing
b. am not snowing                              d. is not snowing
12. Sally: Now, close your eyes and listen carefully. What ………………(I, do)?
 Inggrit: You are knocking the door.
a. am I doing                                       c. is I doing
b. are I doing                                       d. aren’t I doing

13. Look at the picture.

Contoh Soal Present Continuous Tense
Contoh Soal Present Continuous Tense
    What’s she doing?
    a. She is running in a garden.
    b. She was going to school.
    c. She is driving a car.
    d. She was helping her mother.

14. Look at the picture below.

Contoh Soal Present COntinuous Tense
Contoh Soal Present Continuous Tense
    What do you think she is doing right now?
    a. She is helping the chicken.
    b. She was managing her business.
    c. She was packing foods for chicken.
    d. She is feeding her chicken.
15. “Nina is a chef. She always prepares food at her cafe. She sells many delicious foods such as cakes, bakeries, dishes, and drinks. Her cafe is open from 07.00 am to 10.00 pm. Now, it is 10.00 am. What do you think Nina is doing this time?”
a. Nina is closing her cafe because it is about to be bankrupt.
b. Nina is going to sleep because it’s time for break.
c. Nina is cooking and selling dishes for her cafe.
d. Nina is delivering posts around the city.

Jawaban Soal Pilihan Ganda Present Continuous Tense

1. A 6. A 11. D

2. C 7. B 12. A

3. B 8. A 13. D

4. A 9. A 14. D

5. B 10. C 15. C

Bagaimana? Tidak sulit kan mempelajari Present Continuous Tense? Kamu bisa memanfaatkan contoh soal pilihan ganda present continuous tense di atas untuk meningkatkan pemahaman grammar mu. Semoga bermanfaat dan Terimakasih sudah berkunjung di blog yang sederhana ini ?

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