76 Contoh Kalimat Present Perfect Tense

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76 Contoh Kalimat Present Perfect Tense
76 Contoh Kalimat Present Perfect Tense

76 Contoh Kalimat Present Perfect Tense – Di era global seperti sekarang ini, menguasai bahasa Inggris merupakan kemampuan yang wajib dimiliki orang-orang. Soalnya, banyak pekerjaan sekarang yang menuntutmu untuk berinteraksi dengan orang-orang dari luar negeri. Inilah sebabnya menguasai bahasa Inggris dari segi lisan dan tulisan sangat diharuskan. Salah satunya dengan mengetahui 76 contoh kalimat present perfect.

  1. Tom has lost his key. He can’t get into the house.
  2. Once wife received the party, Paul wasn’t there. He had gone home.
  3. After we got home last night, we tend to found that someone had broken into the flat.
  4. Karenic didn’t need to travel to the cinema with United States of America as a result of she’d already seen the picture.
  5. Initially i assumed I’d done the correct issue, however I shortly accomplished that I’d created a giant mistake.
  6. The person sitting next to Pine Tree State on the plane was terribly nervous. He hadn’t flown before.
  7. World Health Organization is that woman? I’ve seen her before, however I can’t keep in mind wherever.
  8. We tend to aren’t hungry. We’ve simply had lunch.
  9. The home is dirty. They haven’t clean it for weeks.
  10. I actually have written a romantic novel.
  11. She has browse a magazine.
  12. I actually have not written a romantic novel.
  13. She has not browse a magazine.
  14. Have I written a romantic novel?
  15. Has she browse a magazine?
  16. My female offspring cries as a result of she has fallen from her bicycle.
  17. The rain has not stopped, after I was on the thanks to the workplace.
  18. I actually have told you to not come back close to my girlfriend.
  19. I came late to the meeting, as a result of I actually have not browse your message,
  20. The crook had gone before the lady complete her notecase was robbed.

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  1. Oh my God, I actually have not turned the lights off.
  2. The earth’s climate has modified thanks to warming.
  3. Do not walk on the ground, it’s simply been mopped.
  4. My grand father has simply gone away thanks to polygenic disorder.
  5. Mr. Basuki has been electoral as a governor of national capital.
  6. I actually have been to Lombok double.
  7. We’ve already had our breakfast.
  8. Once square measure you aiming to do your homework? however I’ve already done it!
  9. Does one desire a cup of coffee? No, thanks. I’ve already had one.
  10. Has the post arrived yet?
  11. Have you ever done your homework?
  12.  Not yet.
  13. Haven’t you bought prepared yet? examine the time!
  14. I actually have been to the library nowadays.
  15. You’ve got unbroken a pet for 3 years.
  16. Have you ever consumed Thai food before?
  17. Has it rained all day?
  18. World Health Organization have we tend to forgotten to invite?
  19. We tend to haven’t detected that song already.
  20. He hasn’t forgotten his books
  21. She has purloined all the chocolate!
  22. Is that the field finished? affirmative, Gonzalo has cut the grass.
  23. World Health Organization has he met recently?
  24. However have we tend to finished already?
  25. We’re extremely tired as a result of we’ve been coaching for the marathon since eight o’clock.
  26. I actually have far-famed him for 3 months.
  27. Wherever have you ever studied Arabic?
  28. What countries have they visited in Europe?
  29. Have you ever finished doing all of your prep yet?
  30. She has left her phone in a very taxi.
  31. We tend to haven’t lost our tickets.
  32. Peter, why square measure you sweating? as a result of I actually have been hovering the carpets.
  33. The scholars are redaction for his or her Spanish examination for 2 hours.
  34. Dany has known as on a daily basis on.
  35. I’m sorry. Monica isn’t here.. She has gone out.

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  1. We tend to use it to speak regarding associate degree activity that has stopped recently.
  2. I actually have been trying to find a replacement English professor since Oct.
  3. I’ve been finding out all night. i would like an opening.
  4. I actually have been reading the book.
  5. He has learned that subject.
  6. At last! I actually have resolved the matter.
  7. What have you ever been doing recently? something interesting?
  8. My brother has bought a replacement motorcycle. it’s nice.
  9. Have you ever been swimming? Your hairs appearance wet.
  10. I actually have been trying to reach you!
  11. Sorry we tend to square measure late. however long have you ever been waiting?
  12. I actually have far-famed Peter for a protracted time.
  13. My friends are running for 2 hours already.
  14. The kids square measure tired as a result of they need been taking part in all day.
  15. Susan has ne’er believed in ghosts and fairies.
  16. I actually have been writing emails all day.
  17. John has ne’er seen this film before.
  18. What on earth have you ever been doing? You’re coated in mud.
  19. Have you ever ever seen Altamira Cafe? I hear it’s implausibly lovely.
  20. I actually have simply spoken to my cousins. They told Pine Tree State the news.
  21. However long has he been learning English?

Demikian contoh kalimat present perfect tense, semoga bisa dijadikan sebagai referensi mengerjakan tugas sobat sekalian dirumah.


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