Contoh Teks Dialog Giving Opinion Untuk 3 Orang

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Contoh Teks Dialog Giving Opinion Untuk 3 Orang
Contoh Teks Dialog Giving Opinion Untuk 3 Orang

Contoh Teks Dialog Giving Opinion Untuk 3 Orang – Apabila Anda mencoba untuk bercakap dengan teman menggunakan bahasa inggris, tentu akan menambah kefasihan Anda dalam berbahasa inggris itu sediri. Dan apabila sudah fasih tentu akan menjadi kebanggan sendiri dalam diri kita sendiri.

Anda bisa memulai dengan dialog dialog singkat seperti dialog giving opinion, untuk menanyakan dan memberikan opini atau pendapat dengan teman – teman di sekitar Anda. Bisa Anda awali dengan bertanya tentunya.

Berikut adalah contoh dialog giving opinion 3 orang yang bisa Anda lakukan bersama – sama dengan teman – teman di sekitar Anda.

Dialog 1

Bram: Hey Violeta, Hans, there is a musical concert in the park. You want to go see the band play?
Violeta: I am done with my homework; I can go.
Hans: Me too. Let’s go.
Violeta: Hey, look at that sport car. Isn’t it neat?
Bram: That is exactly the kind of car that I want once I get a good job. I bet it is very fast. I want mine to be red though.
Violeta: Keep on dreaming, Bram. That car costs a fortune.
Bram: It does not hurt to set high expectations. Maybe one day I will make a lot of money, and I might surprise you.
Hans: Talking about cars, why is the traffic so heavy today?
Bram: People are probably heading toward the park for the concert. The band does play pretty good music.
Violeta: Yes, it does. For the last three years, I have never missed the concert. I have always arranged my schedule so that I could attend the event once the band was in town.
Hans: How long ago did the band start playing at our park?
Violeta: I think it started this tradition five years ago before you moved into our neighbourhood. Every year it always arrives the first week of June to play for the whole week.
Bram: You will enjoy this evening, Hans. There will be good Country music, a lot of stomping around, and definitely a lot of hollering.
Hans: It sounds like fun.
Violeta: My favourite is Rock and Roll music; however, I have to say that country melodies can be quite enticing. I can listen to them all day long.
Bram: Hans, what kind of music do you like?
Hans: Oh, I like all kinds of music as long as it is not Hard Rock.
Violeta: Wow, look at the number of people who have already shown up for the concert. Good thing that we are here already.
Bram: Violeta, where do you want to sit? In the shade or in the sun?
Violeta: In the shade, please. I have been in the sun too much lately.
Hans: There is a food stand over there. Do you two want anything?
Violeta: Nothing for me, thanks. I already have my bottle of water.
Bram: I want a bag of chips and a soda. Are you sure you do not want any chips, Violeta?
Violeta: I am quite sure. Besides, my mother is cooking a good steak dinner, and I want to save my appetite.
Bram: Violeta, you are so lucky to have such a good cook for a mother. Hans, you have to taste her cream cakes one of these days. You cannot find better cream cakes anywhere in this town.
Violeta: I know we will have cream cake for dessert this evening. I will save you a piece if you want, Hans.
Violeta: How about you, Bram? A piece of cake for you too?
Bram: You know I will say yes to a piece of your mother’s cream cake any day.
Violeta: OK, I will save two pieces of cream cake for both of you tonight. We can meet at the cafeteria at lunch time tomorrow and I will give them to you.
Hans: Bram, you better get your chips and soda now if you still want them. It is almost 3:00PM, and the concert is about to start.
Bram: For the last time, do you guys want anything?
Violeta: I am sure I do not want anything, Bram. I am doing fine.
Hans: Me neither, Bram.
Bram: OK, save me a seat. I will be right back.

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Dialog 2

Bio : Hello guys, i need your suggestion. I have a really serious problem right now and i can not found the best solution. Would you like to help me?
Rio : Just tell us what is your problem, Bio.
Bio : well, I am really sad now. Next week I have to stop my study in this school because my father retired two days ago. He cannot pay my school fees anymore.
Zayn : you should take it easy, man. Actually it is not a really serious problem.
Bio : how can I solve it? I have no money to pay my school fees.
Zayn : okay. I think you should ask for a letter from our headmaster telling that your parents cannot afford your school fees. So you can get a scholarship.
Rio : yeah, i think you are one of the smartest students here, you should be given a scholarship. So you can continue your study here.
Bio : thank you so much, guys for your suggestions. I’ll try to do that.

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