30 Latihan Soal Grammar dan Jawabanya

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30 Latihan Soal Grammar
30 Latihan Soal Grammar

30 Latihan Soal Grammar – Latihan soal grammar online bisa menjadi salah satu cara memperlancar kemampuan Bahasa Inggris tanpa perlu mengikuti les atau kursus secara langsung. Selain itu untuk kamu yang sudah lulus sekolah atau kuliah namun belum pandai menggunakan Bahasa Inggris, belajar secara online di sini juga bisa menjadi jalan keluar paling mudah.

Di era modern seperti saat ini, Bahasa Inggris memang menjadi salah satu bahasa yang wajib dipelajari selain Bahasa Indonesia. Khususnya bila Anda memiliki cita – cita pekerjaan yang berhubungan dengan orang luar negeri seperti bekerja di perusahaan international. Tanpa dibekali dengan kemampuan berbahasa yang baik, kesempatan diterima oleh perusahaan – perusahaan international akan menjadi kecil.

Latihan Soal Grammar Bahasa Inggris

Salah satu cara melatih grammar sendiri tanpa bantuan guru les atau kursus adalah dengan menggunakan buku dasar grammar dengan soal – soal latihan di dalamnya. Sudah ada banyak jenis buku latihan grammar seperti ini yang dijual di toko online maupun di toko buku terdekat di kotamu.

Tetapi bila Anda bingung harus mencari buku belajar Bahasa Inggris yang bagus, di sini kita akan membantu menyediakan latihan soal grammar secara gratis beserta kunci jawabannya. Nah, silahkan siapkan alat tulis dan kertas masing – masing untuk menjawab soal di bawah ini.

  1. Rahman : Why do you look so gloomy?
    Ihsan: Because I…. my money
    a. Am just lost
    b. Have just lost #
    c. Lost
    d. Will just lost
  2. Me and my friends…. in the library. We’re looking for some books
    a. Have
    b. Is
    c. Am
    d. Are #
  3. Risma: Was Indonesia team as strong as Malaysia?
    Yani: No, I think Malaysia was stronger than Indonesia
    Risma: But….. South Korea, Japan or Malaysia?
    Yani: It’s South Korea
    a. Which country plays better?
    b. Which country is the strongest? #
    c. Which country plays worst?
    d. Which country is the best?
  4. She…. not work, because she doesn’t feel well
    a. is
    b. Does #
    c. Did
    d. Will
  5. Niki: Would you eat lunch with me?
    Yuki: I’d love to, but I’m still full. I…. my lunch.
    a. Have
    b. Has
    c. Will have
    d. Have had #
  6. Alina…. her favorite songs every night
    a. Sings #
    b. Sang
    c. Sing
    D. Singing
  7. Firman: I wonder, my Miss Ani…. yet.
    Naufal: I do too. So far, she always on time
    a. Hasn’t come #
    b. Won’t come
    c. Haven’t come
    d. Isn’t come
  8. My grandfather always….. coffee every morning.
    a. drink
    b. drinks #
    c. drank
    d. drunk
  9. Our teacher never…. his homeland ever since he moved here.
    a. visit
    b. visiting
    c. has visited #
    d. visited
  10. We…. our test every week.
    a. has
    b. does
    c. did
    d. have #
  11. Riski….. his parent before he come home.
    a. have phoned
    b. had phoned #
    c. has phoned
    d. phones
  12. Nao: Feel free to call me if you need anythings.
    Yuki: Thanks, but I….. need anything for now.
    a. do not #
    b. not
    c. did not
    d. have not
  13. Shinta: Can he talks in English?
    Joko: Maybe. I think he…. English course two years ago
    a. joined
    b. did join
    c. will join
    d. has joined #
  14. Mega is a student. She…. at her school.
    a. study
    b. studied
    c. studies #
    d. studying
  15. The medicine….. by Ani. She has a cold flu
    a. has been drank
    b. had been drank #
    c. has drank
    d. had drank
  16. We….. football match together.
    a. watched
    b. watching
    c. watchs
    d. watch #
  17. Bambang…. an accident when he had been in Indonesia.
    a. gets
    b. get
    c. had got
    d. got #
  18. Mega cooks fried chicken. It… amazing
    a. was
    b. has been
    c. did
    d. is #
  19. Riki: And here we are, the busiest port in Surabaya.
    Joko: Look, a ship is coming!
    Riki: I know right, they said it can carry more than 2000 passenger in one time.
    a. How big is that ship?
    b. What is that big ship?
    c. What a big ship?
    d. What a big ship! #
  20. My sister ride her bicycle to school….
    a. everyday #
    b. yesterday
    c. last month
    d. now
  21. He was helped by a beautiful nurse. What a lucky guy!
    The underline word has nearly same meaning as…
    a. pretty #
    b. cool
    c. modest
    d. friendly
  22. Bambang, Mega, Joko and Bowo…… nice person
    a. is
    b. are #
    c. am
    d. have been
  23. The polices…. for that fugitive for years before they finally caught him
    a. is looking
    b. had been looking #
    c. have been looking
    d. had look
  24. Claire: Hello, my name is Claire
    Sarah: Oh hi, I’m Sarah Farron
    Claire: Sorry,…..
    Sarah: F-A-R-R-O-N
    a. How do you spell your last name? #
    b. Can you spell your first name?
    c. What is your last name?
    d. Who are you again?
  25. A: “Is the new volume of this comic is available?”
    B: “No,…… “
    a. it is printing
    b. it printed
    c. it is being printed #
    d. it is being printing
  26. A: Are you a doctor?
    B: No, I…. just a nurse here
    a. am not
    b. do not
    c. am #
    d. do
  27. “He started to make a living after he live on his own apartment”
    The underline word mean….
    a. turn on
    b. begin #
    c. stay
    d. get out
  28. A: Let me introduce you to my friend, his name is David Foster B: …….
    a. Where are you from #
    b. Is he from Singapore?
    c. Where is he from?
    d. What are you doin?
  29. “The boys has been told the good news”
    That phrase has a same meaning with ….
    a. The good news was told to the boys
    b. Good news about the boys has been spread
    c. Good news has been told by the boys
    d. Somebody has told the boys the good news #
  30. Bob’s daughter is very cute. ….. name is Mia
    a. Her #
    b. Our
    c. His
    d. Their

NOTE: Tanda # adalah kunci Jawabannya

Nah demikianlah 30 latihan soal grammar dan kunci jawaban yang sudah kami siapkan. Silakan baca tiap soal secara perlahan dan dengan seksama. Jangan lupa buat evaluasi terhadap soal yang jawabannya salah untuk memahami bentuk kalimatnya dengan lebih baik.

Semoga kumpulan soal latihan grammar ini bisa membantu kamu melatih kemampuan Bahasa Inggris dengan grammar yang lebih baik.


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