Contoh Dialog Offering Help Panjang

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Contoh Dialog Offering Help Panjang

Contoh Dialog Offering Help panjang
Contoh Dialog Offering Help Panjang

Formal Situation

1. Can I (do something)?

Contoh dialog offering help 1 – The Guest

Ding dong (the doorbell ringing)

Mr. Austin: “Hello good morning evening. Is your father at home?”.
Grace: “Hello Mrs. Austin, good evening. I am sorry he is working right now”.
Mr. Austin: “When will he come back, my dear?”
Grace:” I think he will be back in fifteen minutes. Would you like to wait?”
Mr. Austin:” If it does not bother you, I will wait for him until he is back.”
Grace:” Not at all Mrs. Austin. Please come in”.
Mr. Austin:” Thank you.”
Grace:” Can I get you something to drink?”.
Mrs. Austin:” Yes please.”
Grace:” Do you like to drink tea Mrs. Austin?”.
Mrs. Austin:” Yes I do. Your tea is the best drink for me”.
Grace:” Thank you Mrs. Austin. Please wait, I will get you the tea”.

2. I would be happy to (do something)

Contoh dialog offering help 2 – Over Time Work (Phone ringing)

Mr. Jackson:” Hello Mr. Jackson’s speaking”.
Mr. Atkinson:” Good afternoon Mr. Jackson. I am Atkinson.”
Mr. Jackson:” Hello Mr. Atkinson, good afternoon. Can I help?”
Mr. Atkinson:” Not really. I want to ask you something”.
Mr. Jackson:” Of course Mr. Atkinson, please go on”.
Mr. Atkinson:” Are you busy for tomorrow morning? My son will have his seventh birthday party. Could you come to my house?”.
Mr. Jackson:” I would like to, but I have so many works to do. I have over time”.
Mr. Atkinson: “I am taking a day off, so I would be happy to help you finish the job so you can come to my son’s birthday.”
Mr. Jackson:” Is it okay for you?”
Mr. Atkinson:” Sure, it is no problem. I will come to your house this evening”.
Mr. Jackson:” Thank you for your help Mr. Atkinson”.
Mr. Atkinson:” You are welcome. See you soon”.
Mr., Jackson:” See you.”

Informal Situation

Can I (do something)? / I can (do something)

3. Why don’t I (do something)?

Contoh dialog offering help 3 – The Broken Laptop

Mrs. Gonzales:”Hey Robert, could you come here for a moment?”
Robert:”Yes Mrs. Gonzales. I will be right there.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”Okay. I will be waiting for you.”
( A few moments later )
Knock Knock (Someone knocking Mrs. Gonzales office door.)
Robert:”Good afternoon Mrs. Gonzales, may I come in.”
Mr. Gonzales:”Please come in Robert.”
Robert:”Thank you. What is it, Mrs. Gonzales?.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”I think I have broken my laptop.”
Robert:”What is wrong with your laptop?.”
Mrs. Gonzales:” It will not boot up.”
Robert:”Let me see it.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”Here it is.” ( Hand the laptop)
Robert:” I am sorry Mrs. Robert. Your Operating system is crashing.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”What should I do? I need it right now for sending the email.”
Robert:”I could install the operating system, but it will take time.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”Oh dear.”
Robert:”Why don’t I send the email? I could also repair your laptop.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”It is a good idea. Thank you.”
Robert:” You are welcome.”

Informal Situation

1. Can I (do something)? / I can (do something)

Contoh dialog offering help 1 – Baking the Cakes

Paul: “Hey Dea, what are you doing?”
Dea: “Oh Paul, what perfect timing. I have been baking a cake. I think it will be ready shortly. Would you like to try it?”
Paul: “Of course, I am sure it will be delicious.”
Dea: “I hope so. Let us wait for a minute.”
Paul: “By the way, what cake are you making?”
Dea: “Oh I already baked one strawberry cake, and now I am baking the chocolate. Do you like chocolate?”
Paul: Definitely, who would not like it? Chocolate is the best.
Dea: You are right
Paul: Actually, while you are baking the cake, I can help you prepare the things
Dea: “Really?”
Paul: “Yeah, let me prepare the plates and fork for the cake. I can also help you to wash the dishes.”
Dea: “No, it is not necessary for you to do that.”
Paul: “It is okay. I do not mind it at all.”
Dea: “Wow what a nice of you. Thank you for your help, Paul.”
Paul: “Do not mention it. So are the cakes ready yet?”
Dea: “Oh right, yes it is. Let us eat it.”

2. I will (do something)

Contoh dialog offering help 2 – Buy a drink

Kathleen: “The weather is so damn hot. I am thirsty.”
Howard:”You are right. Why don’t we buy some ice cream then?.”
Kathleen:”Ice cream is good, but I do not want it right now.”
Howard:”How about having lemon tea?.”
Kathleen: “It is sour for my tongue. I don’t like it.”
Howard:”What do you want then?.”
Kathleen:”How about iced coffee?. I think it would be best for this kind of weather.”
Howard:”I don’t think I can drink that beverage because I have an Indigestion.”
Kathleen:” I am sorry to hear that.”
Howard:”It is okay. I will buy you the iced coffee.”
Kathleen:”What about you?.”
Howard:”I will buy the green tea drink.”
Kathleen:”It is a deal then.”
Howard:”Okay, wait here for a minute. I will go get them.”
Kathleen:” Thank you.”

3. Let me (do something)

Contoh dialog offering help 3 – New Video Game

Adams:”Hey Joe, what’s up?.”
Joe:”Hey Adams, it is you. I have just bought a new video game.”
Adams:”Wow cool. What is it?.”
Joe:”It is Uncharted 4. Have you ever played it before?.”
Adams:”Of course, it is a great game. It is one of my favorites.”
Joe:”Surely it is. Nathan Drake is so cool than any character in another game.”
Adams:”Yes I like his action when he deals with the bandits. Bams, shoot the enemy haha. Where did you buy it anyway?.”
Joe:”I bought the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Ends at PlayStation Store.”
Adams:”How much does it cost?.”
Joe:”I bought the disc around $59.99. Do you want to buy it?.”
Adams:”I don’t think I can buy it right now. I have no money.”
Joe:”Do not worry about it. Let me lend you the money, or you can borrow my disc.”
Adams:”Is it okay for you?. It is quite expensive.”
Joe:”Nah, it is okay. I have the money. You can return it later when you have the cash.”
Adams:”Thank you, Joe, you are very kind.”
Joe:”Don’t mention it. Let me get my wallet first.”
Adams:”Okay, let’s also play your game.”
Joe:”Nice idea. Come inside.”

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