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Contoh Dialog Offering Help Panjang– Jika pada artikel sebelumnya sobat English class telah membaca atau mempelajari tentang pengertian dan tujuan dari ungkapan asking dan offering help, pada kesempatan ini sobat semua akan mendapat materi beberapa contoh dialog offering help panjang, seperti apa saja contoh-contohnya. Mari kita simak dengan seksama dibawah berikut;

Contoh Dialog Offering Help panjang
Contoh Dialog Offering Help panjang

Contoh Dialog Offering Help (Formal Situation)

1. Can I (do something)?

Contoh dialog offering help 1 – The Guest

Ding dong (the doorbell ringing)

Mr. Austin: “Hello good morning evening. Is your father at home?”.
Grace: “Hello Mrs. Austin, good evening. I am sorry he is working right now”.
Mr. Austin: “When will he come back, my dear?”
Grace:” I think he will be back in fifteen minutes. Would you like to wait?”
Mr. Austin:” If it does not bother you, I will wait for him until he is back.”
Grace:” Not at all Mrs. Austin. Please come in”.
Mr. Austin:” Thank you.”

Grace:” Can I get you something to drink?”.
Mrs. Austin:” Yes please.”
Grace:” Do you like to drink tea Mrs. Austin?”.
Mrs. Austin:” Yes I do. Your tea is the best drink for me”.
Grace:” Thank you Mrs. Austin. Please wait, I will get you the tea”.

2. I would be happy to (do something)

Contoh dialog offering help 2 – Over Time Work (Phone ringing)

Mr. Jackson:” Hello Mr. Jackson’s speaking”.
Mr. Atkinson:” Good afternoon Mr. Jackson. I am Atkinson.”
Mr. Jackson:” Hello Mr. Atkinson, good afternoon. Can I help?”
Mr. Atkinson:” Not really. I want to ask you something”.
Mr. Jackson:” Of course Mr. Atkinson, please go on”.

Mr. Atkinson:” Are you busy for tomorrow morning? My son will have his seventh birthday party. Could you come to my house?”.
Mr. Jackson:” I would like to, but I have so many works to do. I have over time”.
Mr. Atkinson: “I am taking a day off, so I would be happy to help you finish the job so you can come to my son’s birthday.”


Mr. Jackson:” Is it okay for you?”
Mr. Atkinson:” Sure, it is no problem. I will come to your house this evening”.
Mr. Jackson:” Thank you for your help Mr. Atkinson”.
Mr. Atkinson:” You are welcome. See you soon”.
Mr., Jackson:” See you.”

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Contoh Dialog Offering Help (Informal Situation)

1. Can I (do something)? / I can (do something)

Contoh dialog offering help 3 – The Broken Laptop

Mrs. Gonzales:”Hey Robert, could you come here for a moment?”
Robert:”Yes Mrs. Gonzales. I will be right there.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”Okay. I will be waiting for you.”
( A few moments later )
Knock Knock (Someone knocking Mrs. Gonzales office door.)
Robert:”Good afternoon Mrs. Gonzales, may I come in.”


Mr. Gonzales:”Please come in Robert.”

Robert:”Thank you. What is it, Mrs. Gonzales?.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”I think I have broken my laptop.”
Robert:”What is wrong with your laptop?.”
Mrs. Gonzales:” It will not boot up.”
Robert:”Let me see it.”

Mrs. Gonzales:”Here it is.” ( Hand the laptop)
Robert:” I am sorry Mrs. Robert. Your Operating system is crashing.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”What should I do? I need it right now for sending the email.”
Robert:”I could install the operating system, but it will take time.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”Oh dear.”
Robert:”Why don’t I send the email? I could also repair your laptop.”
Mrs. Gonzales:”It is a good idea. Thank you.”
Robert:” You are welcome.”

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2. Can I (do something)? / I can (do something)

Contoh dialog offering help 1 – Baking the Cakes

Paul: “Hey Dea, what are you doing?”
Dea: “Oh Paul, what perfect timing. I have been baking a cake. I think it will be ready shortly. Would you like to try it?”
Paul: “Of course, I am sure it will be delicious.”
Dea: “I hope so. Let us wait for a minute.”
Paul: “By the way, what cake are you making?”
Dea: “Oh I already baked one strawberry cake, and now I am baking the chocolate. Do you like chocolate?”
Paul: Definitely, who would not like it? Chocolate is the best.


Dea: You are right
Paul: Actually, while you are baking the cake, I can help you prepare the things
Dea: “Really?”
Paul: “Yeah, let me prepare the plates and fork for the cake. I can also help you to wash the dishes.”
Dea: “No, it is not necessary for you to do that.”
Paul: “It is okay. I do not mind it at all.”
Dea: “Wow what a nice of you. Thank you for your help, Paul.”
Paul: “Do not mention it. So are the cakes ready yet?”
Dea: “Oh right, yes it is. Let us eat it.”

3. I will (do something)

Contoh dialog offering help 2 – Buy a drink

Kathleen: “The weather is so damn hot. I am thirsty.”
Howard:”You are right. Why don’t we buy some ice cream then?.”
Kathleen:”Ice cream is good, but I do not want it right now.”
Howard:”How about having lemon tea?.”
Kathleen: “It is sour for my tongue. I don’t like it.”
Howard:”What do you want then?.”
Kathleen:”How about iced coffee?. I think it would be best for this kind of weather.”
Howard:”I don’t think I can drink that beverage because I have an Indigestion.”


Kathleen:” I am sorry to hear that.”
Howard:”It is okay. I will buy you the iced coffee.”
Kathleen:”What about you?.”
Howard:”I will buy the green tea drink.”
Kathleen:”It is a deal then.”
Howard:”Okay, wait here for a minute. I will go get them.”
Kathleen:” Thank you.”

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4. Let me (do something)

Contoh dialog offering help 3 – New Video Game

Adams:”Hey Joe, what’s up?.”
Joe:”Hey Adams, it is you. I have just bought a new video game.”
Adams:”Wow cool. What is it?.”
Joe:”It is Uncharted 4. Have you ever played it before?.”
Adams:”Of course, it is a great game. It is one of my favorites.”
Joe:”Surely it is. Nathan Drake is so cool than any character in another game.”
Adams:”Yes I like his action when he deals with the bandits. Bams, shoot the enemy haha. Where did you buy it anyway?.”
Joe:”I bought the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Ends at PlayStation Store.”
Adams:”How much does it cost?.”
Joe:”I bought the disc around $59.99. Do you want to buy it?.”
Adams:”I don’t think I can buy it right now. I have no money.”
Joe:”Do not worry about it. Let me lend you the money, or you can borrow my disc.”
Adams:”Is it okay for you?. It is quite expensive.”
Joe:”Nah, it is okay. I have the money. You can return it later when you have the cash.”
Adams:”Thank you, Joe, you are very kind.”
Joe:”Don’t mention it. Let me get my wallet first.”
Adams:”Okay, let’s also play your game.”
Joe:”Nice idea. Come inside.”

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