Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Google Form untuk Kelas 9

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Soal Bahasa Inggris Google Form
Soal Bahasa Inggris Google Form

Soal Bahasa Inggris Google Form – Saat ini, para murid sudah mulai terbiasa mengerjakan soal secara daring. Nah, salah satu platform yang lazim digunakan para guru adalah Google Form. Untuk itu, berikut akan kami berikan latihan soal Bahasa Inggris Google Form untuk membantu kamu berlatih.
Dengan banyak mengerjakan soal, maka kamu pun akan terbiasa dan mengetahui kekurangan di KD apa saja. Siap untuk mengerjakannya? Silakan klik link Google Form ini!

Text for questions number 1 and 2

To : All Staff Members
From : Manager
Subject: Staff Dinner
Date : –

This year there will be no Idul Fitri Party as in pervious year. Instead, staff and their families are invited to join company directors at Hotel Bintang on the evening of 10th June for dinner. Further details will be circulated next week. Those wishing to attend pleas leave their names with me before 6th June.

1. The manager tells to all staff members that ….
a. The Eid Party will be held just for directors.
b. There will be another celebration until next week.
c. The Eid will be held for all staff as the previous year
d. The staff and families are invited for dinner at Hotel Bintang

2. What will be held on June 10th?
a. Company’s party
b. Dinner
c. Idul Fitri Party
d. Family Gathering

Text for question number 3 and 5
Bunga Residental Cleaning
Taking care of your chores
• Spring cleans
• Regular cleaning
• Fully trained staff
• Move out cleaning
• Fully guaranteed
NEW!!! Carpet cleaning!
Call today for a free service 086 225 223 777

3. The purpose of writing the text is to ….
a. Make the residents be aware of cleaning service
b. Promote Bunga residental cleaning service
c. Persuade the residents to keep houses clean
d. Inform Bunga cleaning service

4. What will the readers probably do after reading the text?
a. Taking care of their homes
b. Visiting the website for further information
c. Cleaning their homes regularly
d. Getting service without any change

5. What kind of service does Bunga provide newly?
a. Spring cleans
b. Carpet cleaning
c. Regular cleaning
d. Move out cleaning

Baca juga : Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Sesuai Kurtilas

Read the following announcement for question number 6!
Due to the long holiday during the great nine students having the try out, all seventh grade students have to complete their English homework from page 50 to 56.

6. Who is having the try out?
a. Seventh grade students
b. Nine grade students
c. All seventh students
d. The great nine students

7.What kind of activities that seventh grade students have to be do?
a. Holiday
b. Try out
c. Studying
d. Complete English homework

Read the text to complete the blanks of questions 8 to 10
Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the first successful (8) …. Orville took their plane, name d “flyer 1” up in the air in 1903. It flew for 12 seconds. Orville had to lie down to (9) … the plane. He balances it by moving his hips. Wilbur took the plane up on the fourth flight of the day. It stayed in the air for 59 seconds. But a gust of wind knocked it over and wrecked it after landing. It was the flight of “Flyer 1”. But the two brothers had opened the door to a whole (10) … age. (Addison Wesley ESL student book, 1992, p.31)

8. a. telephone
b. car
c. airplane
d. helicopter

9. a. drive
b. fly
c. direct
d. steer

10. a. great
b. spectacular
c. new
d. amazing

11. Study the following words:
Indonesian’s independence (1) – When (2) – World War II (3) – Soekarno (4) – the Japanese (5) — – surrendered (6) – in (7) – proclaimed (8).
The above words can be written into a good sentence as follows …
a. (2) — (4) – (6) – (7) — (1) – (5) – (8) – (3)
b. (4) – (8) – (7) – (1) – (2) – (5) – (6) – (3)
c. (2) – (5) – (6) – (7) – (1) – (4) – (8) – (3)
d. (2) – (5) – (6) – (7) – (3) – (4) – (8) – (1)

12. Study the following words :
If – more – than – 3 minutes – you – be – overcooked – boil – the noodle – it will
The above words can be written into a good sentence as follows …
a. If it boil the noodle more than 3 minutes, you will be overcooked.
b. If you boil the noodle more than 3 minutes, it will be overcooked.
c. You will be overcooked it if boil the noodle more than 3 minutes.
d. You boil the noodle if it will be overcooked more than 3 minutes.

BACA JUGA : Latihan Soal Bahasa Reading Bahasa Inggris

soal bahasa inggris google form
soal bahasa inggris google form

Read the text to answer the question 13 and 14

13. What does Sukarman mean in his statement “ … need somebody who is strong enough”?
a. Sulaiman is weak
b. Scout leader is a hard job
c. Sulaiman is too smart
d. Scout doesn’t want Sulaiman

14. What is the application about?
a. Our program manager
b. Science competition
c. Scout leader
d. Science club

Read the text to answer question 15 to 17

soal bahasa inggris google form
soal bahasa inggris google form

15. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To explain what hay fever is
b. To describe the cure of hay fever
c. To give ways to reduce hay fever symptoms
d. To cure hay fever by medicine

16. What does “this” in “you need discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist” refer to?
a. Taking anti-histamine
b. Alleviating symptoms
c. Applying eye drops
d. Using nasal spray

17. What does “air-borne pollen” mean?
a. Pollen in the air
b. Pollen produces by air
c. Pollen taken by air
d. Pollen from flowers

Read the text to answer question 18 to 20!

soal bahasa inggris google form
soal bahasa inggris google form

18. What does paragraph 2 tell?
a. Hard life of Matilda
b. The professor in Matilda’s school
c. Name of the book and why it’s favorite
d. Matilda’s school experience

19. What is the text about?
a. The story of Matilda
b. A girl named Matilda
c. Matilda, a favorite book
d. A book titled Matilda

20. Why did the family leave Matilda?
a. They had law problem
b. She hated them
c. The professor asked the,
d. They dislike her

Demikian latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Google form yang bisa kamu akses. Semoga bisa menambah kemampuan berbahasa Inggris dan semakin memudahkan jalan untuk bisa lulus dari SMP dengan nilai yang memuaskan. Semoga bermanfaat!


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