Latihan Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris

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Latihan Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris
Latihan Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris

Soal Latihan Reading Bahasa Inggris – Dalam mempelajari Bahasa Inggris sangatlah penting untuk menguasai empat kemampuan mendasar. Diantaranya yaitu kemampuan listening, speaking, reading, dan writing.
Ada banyak cara untuk menguasai kemampuan-kemampuan tersebut misalnya dengan mengerjakan soal latihan. Dan kali ini akan dibahas khusus mengenai soal latihan reading Bahasa Inggris.

Soal latihan reading Bahasa Inggris berikut merupakan soal latihan untuk tingkat dasar hingga menengah. Yuk simak beberapa contoh soal latihan reading Bahasa Inggris lengkap beserta jawabannya berikut ini!


Answer the questions correctly after reading the text below!
Last week, my family and I went to Santolo beach because I had just passed my exam. In the early morning we went there by car and it took about five hours to reach the beach. We enjoyed the view of tea mountain during riding the car. We stayed for a moment to take many pictures of the beautiful view.
The view was so beautiful and the weather was so good. We reached the beach in the afternoon and we ate our meal first before we played at the beach. I liked the wave and the sand, the wave was so huge and the sand was white. We loved our vacation at the beach.

1. Why did the writer go to Santolo beach?
a. Because she passed her exam
b. Because the weather was so hot
c. Because the view was so beautiful
d. Because her parents wanted to go to the beach
Jawaban: A

2. “ took about five hours …” The word “it” refers to …
a. The car
b. The mountain
c. The beach
d. The journey
Jawaban: D

3. “The wave was so huge”. The closest meaning of the word “huge” is …
a. Little
b. Short
c. Big
d. Long
Jawaban: C

4. What was the feeling of the writer on her vacation?
a. Hate
b. Happy
c. Tired
d. Bored
Jawaban: B

5. “We loved our vacation …” The synonym of the word “vacation” is …
a. Working
b. Sleeping
c. Holiday
d. Riding
Jawaban: C

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Fill the gaps by choosing the correct answer!

Hi, my name is Neesa. I ..(1).. in Bandung and I ..(2).. a teacher. I ..(3).. two brothers and a sister. My little brother ..(4).. a worker at chemical factory. He always ..(5).. from Monday to Friday. My old brother ..(6).. work, he is an unemployee. And my sister ..(7).. married, she ..(8).. two children. Their name ..(9).. Muty and Fatih. They always ..(10).. to their grandma’s house every Wednesday.
1. a. like. b. love. c. live. d. leave
Jawaban: C

2. a. am b. is c. are. d. do
Jawaban: A

3. a. has. b. have. c. owns. d. belongs
Jawaban: B

4. a. is. b. am c. are. d. do
Jawaban: A

5. a. work. b. working c. works. d. worked
Jawaban: C

6. a. doesn’t. b. don’t. c. aren’t. d. isn’t
Jawaban: A

7. a. is. b. am. c. are. d. doesn’t
Jawaban: A

8. a. have. b. has. c. does. d. do
Jawaban: B

9. a. is. b. am. c. are. d. do

Jawaban: C
10. a. go. b. goes. c. going. d. gone
Jawaban: A


Answer the questions correctly after reading the text below!
Dear Sam,
Hi Sam, how are you doing? I hope you will be fine. Sam, I am going to have a vacation to India next month for a week. I hope I can meet you there because we have been in relationship for a year and we are going to meet for the first time.
I am so excited when my parents decided to visit India. I have many plans to do there like visiting your favorite place and having dinner with you at romantic place. I can’t wait to see you and to try your favorite food that you always send me the pictures. See you next month my love.

1. Who is Sam?
a. Neesa’s boyfriend
b. Neesa’s parents
c. Neesa’s brother
d. Neesa’s sister
Jawaban: A

2. For how long will Neesa visit India?
a. A month
b. A week
c. A day
d. A year
Jawaban: B

3. Which one is the correct statement according to the text?
a. Neesa and Sam have been in relationship for a month
b. Neesa and Sam will meet for the second time
c. Neesa and Sam are going to meet each other next month
d. Neesa and Sam will have dinner at expensive restaurant
Jawaban: C

4. The statements below are TRUE, except …
a. Neesa and her parents are going to visit India next month
b. Neesa’s parents have decided to visit India for a week
c. Neesa and her parents will be there for a month
d. Neesa and Sam have been in relationship for a year
Jawaban: C

5. Here are Neesa’s plans when she will visit India, except …
a. Visiting Sam’s favorite place
b. Having dinner with Sam at romantic place
c. Trying to eat Sam’s favorite food
d. Going to the mountain
Jawaban: D

Demikian soal latihan reading Bahasa Inggris, semoga bermanfaat!


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