Latihan Soal Offering Help

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-Latihan Soal Offering Help-Setelah mengetahui konsep dasar tentang materi  offering help dan cara menjawab offering help (accepting help)pada materi-materi sebelumnya, kini saatnya untuk berlatih soal. Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh latihan soal offering help yang bisa Anda gunakan untuk memperdalam pemahaman Anda tentang materi offering help. Soal tersedia dalam bentuk pilihan ganda.


Latihan Soal Offering Help
Latihan Soal Offering Help

Latihan Soal Offering Help

1. John: Hello, Jean. Where have you been?
Jean: Hi, John. I just bought few kilograms of apples in the market.
John: Do you need some help to carry the apples?
Jean: _______
The suitable respond to complete the dialogue is ….
A. I don’t know
B. Why?
C. Of course, that’s very kind of you
D. I will help you
E. Good bye

2. Ronald: You look so busy. _______
Marry: No, thank you. I can handle them.
The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is ….
A. I will leave you alone
B. Would you like some help?
C. Do you want to help me?
D. Sure, I would like to
E. Yes, please

3. Andy: I heard there will be a concert tonight. Would you like to go with me?
Sam: I’m afraid I cannot.
Andy: Why? I think you really love the band.
Sam: Yes, I do. But I have many works at home.
Andy: Let me help you, then.
Sam: ___________
Andy: Never mind. That’s what friend should do.

What should Sam say?
A. I really appreciate your help
B. I don’t need your help
C. I am fine, thank you
D. I will go, too
E. Don’t worry

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Complete the dialogue below (question 4 and 5)

Judy: Good morning, Sir. Do you have science book about animal anatomy?
Shopkeeper: Of course, dear. We have the book that you want. ______ (4) to show the shelf?
Judy: I am fine, Sir. I can find by myself. I have other books to find, too.
Shopkeeper: ________(5). Take your time.
Judy: Thank you, Sir.

4. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …..
A. I would like
B. Can you
C. Do not go
D. Would you like me
E. May I

5. What should the shopkeeper say?
A. I am busy
B. Sorry
C. Thank you
D. Will you go?
E. That’s okay

6. Romy : Sir, would you like me to close the window for you?
Mr. Arthur: Yes, please. It’s very cold inside.

The underlined sentence express:
A. Asking help
B. Offering help
C. Refusing something
D. Accepting an offer
E. Suggestion

7. Ela: Mom, do you need some help? You look so busy this morning.
Mom: Of course, dear.
I need another pair of hands to wash the dish.
The underlined sentence expresses ….
A. Accepting help
B. Offering help
C. Refusing help
D. Looking for something
E. Apologizing

8. Bob: Sony, will you join me to build a birdhouse?
Sony: Sure, _______. I am really excited.
Complete the dialogue above with right expression ….
A. I don’t want to.
B. I am busy today
C. I will
D. I will not
E. I have to go

9. Ryo : Sir, I think I’m lost.
Ocid: ………………………..

A. Let me help you carrying your motorcycle.
B. Can I help you? I know this place.
C. May I help you? I have a phone too.
D. Shall I clean your mirror?
E. Would I help you?

10. Satrio: I don’t understand chemistry at all.
Beni : ……………………………

A. How about having dinner with me?
B. How about going to the beach?
C. How about studying together with me?
D. How about calling the police?
E. How about visiting the garden?

Demikian Latihan Soal Offering Help yang dapat saya sampaikan, semoga bermanfaat dan terimakasih telah menyempatkan berkunjung di blog yang sangat sederhana ini. Jangan lupa untuk terus belajar dan perbanyak latihan. Good Luck!!!




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