Contoh Dialog Offering Service 2 Orang

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Contoh Dialog Offering Service 2 Orang
Contoh Dialog Offering Service 2 Orang

-Contoh Dialog Offering Service 2 Orang-Dalam menawarkan bantuan (offering help/offering service) ataupun layanan, ada beberapa ungkapan yang dapat kita pilih. Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog offering service 2 orang yang dapat anda jadikan sebagai acuan ataupun referensi dalam menawarkan bantuan dalam bahasa inggris.


1. Let me (do something)

Dialog Offering Service 1 – The Broken Bicycle

Aliando:”Prilly, hey look. I have just bought a new bicycle for you.”
Prilly:”Wow, you surprise me. Thank you very much. You are a kind guy.”
Aliando:”You are welcome.”
Prilly:”But don’t you think it is a bit expensive?. You didn’t have to buy me a new bike.”
Aliando:”It is okay, I want to. Besides, your old bike is broken right?”
Prilly:”Yes it is.”
Aliando:”Where is it now?”
Prilly:”It is in the garage. Why are you asking.”
Aliando:”Let me repair the bicycle.”
Prilly:”Do you want to do it?”
Aliando:”Yes I am. I have a friend who can fix it.”

Prilly:”Thank you so much. You can have it if you want.”Aliando:”It is not necessary for you to do that.”
Prilly:”But you have bought me the new one. So, I don’t need the old one.”
Aliando:”Okay thank you, I will upgrade it then.”
Prilly:”That would be great.”

Dialog Offering Service 2 – Making Paper Plane

Richard:”Do you have any plan this afternoon?”
Ben:”Not really. Why are you asking?.”
Richard:”I will go to your house then.”
Ben:”That would be a perfect idea. We can play video games or have another activity.”
Richard:”We have art class for tomorrow. How about making an origami?.”
Ben:”Good choice. We can practice doing the art project.”
Richard:”What will you make then?”
Ben:”First we can make the easy origami then difficult one.”
Richard:”I think the paper plane is easy to make. What do you say?”
Ben:”Sure. But I don’t have the origami paper.”
Richard:”Don’t worry let me buy it. What paper should I buy?”
Ben:”The regular origami paper should do it. What about the color?”

Richard:”I will buy the rainbow origami paper.”
Ben:”Okay, I will be waiting for you this afternoon.”
Richard:”Sure things.”

2. I Will (do something)

Dialog Offering Service 1 – The Burning Skin

Mika:”I am exhausted. What about you Jane?.”
Jane:”Me too. I am thirsty. The weather seems like scorching today.”
Mika:”We have been walking in this park for about two hours. Let’s get rest under that tree.”
Jane:” I could not even feel my legs because of walking. This tree is an excellent place to relax.”
Mika:”Hey Jane, look your skin is burning because of the sun. Did you use sunblock?.”
Jane:”Oh no, I forgot to use the sunscreen this morning. You are right; my shoulder turns red. What should I do?.”
Mika:”Don’t worry, I bring the sunblock. I will apply it to your skin.”
Jane:”Thank you, Mika.”

Dialog Offering Service 2 – Having Dinner
Joshua:”Are you busy this evening?”
Sarah:”I am free because I have done all of my assignments.”
Joshua:”That is good. I will buy you a movie ticket. What do you say?.”
Sarah:”I would like to, but I must stay at home this evening.”
Joshua:”Oh I see.”

Sarah:”Don’t be sad. Why don’t you come to my home?”
Joshua:”Really? Okay, I am going this evening.”
Sarah:”What about this 8 P.M?”
Joshua:” Yes I will go to your house at that time. By the way, may I ask you something?”
Sarah:”Yes you can.”
Joshua:”Why can’t you leave your home this evening.”
Sarah:”Oh my sister is sick. I have to take care of her tonight since my parents are going to Grandpa house.”
Joshua:”I am sorry to hear that.”
Sarah:”It is okay. Don’t forget to come to my home.”
Joshua:”I will not forget that. I will bring fresh fruits for your sister.”
Sarah:”My sister would love it.”

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3. Do you want me to (do something)

Dialog Offering Service 1 – Justin Bieber Concert Ticket

Ronald:”I have just bought Justin Bieber concert ticket.”
Karen:”Wow I am jealous of you. How did you get the concert ticket?. I saw it sold out.”
Ronald:”Yes most of all the tickets sold out in the first day. I am lucky because someone sold it to me.”
Karen:”How could it be?.”
Ronald:”He said that his sister did not want to go, so he sold the tickets.”
Karen:”I need to go Justin Bieber concert.”
Ronald:”Don’t worry, I have bought the two tickets. Do you want me to give it for you.”
Karen:”Thank you very much, Ron. How much do I need to pay the ticket.”
Ronald:”No I give it to you, so you don’t need to pay.”
Karen:”You are such a great friend.”
Ronald:”As long as you are happy. Here is the ticket.”
Karen:”A Justin Bieber ticket concert, what a joy.”
Ronald:”Do you want me to pick you up when the show begins?.”
Karen:”Yes, please. We can go together.”
Ronald:”Okay I will see you until the concert begins.”
Karen:”See you.”

Dialog Offering Service 2 – Making a Robot

Dylan:”Robert I made a new robot. Do you want me to show it to you?”
Robert:”Oh wow, you did it. Sure I want to see your new robot.”
Dylan:”Come to my house then.”
Robert:”Okay, let’s get going.”
(15 minutes later)
Dylan:”Here is my new robot? What do you think?.”
Robert:”Unbelievable. Did you make it yourself?.”
Dylan:”Of course I did.”
Robert:”Wow you made a cool robot. How did you do that?.”
Dylan:”I made it from scraps.Because I didn’t have enough money to buy the components, I got it from the professor.”
Robert:”You mean Professor Richard?”
Dylan:”Yes, he gave most of all the components. I was lucky.”
Robert:”Yes you are. Prof.Richard is very kind. I wish he gives the materials to me.”
Dylan:”Don’t worry, he said that I could ask him anytime if I need the components. Do you want to make robot?.”
Robert:”Of course I do.”
Dylan:”Do you want me to ask Prof Richard to give the materials?”
Robert:”Is it possible to do that?.”
Dylan:”Yes I will contact Prof Richard.”
Robert:”Thank you very much.”

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4. I can (do something)

Dialog Offering Service 2 – Having Dinner

Dona:”Aren’t you hungry?”
Joshep:” I am a little hungry. Why do you ask?”
Dona:”I saw that you have been working so hard. I can make you lunch if you want to.”
Joshep:”That is nice of you. Yes please.”
Dona:”What do you want for lunch.”
Joshep:”Can you make me MacnChese?.”
Dona:”Yes I can. MacnChese will be ready for 15 minutes.
Joshep:”Thank you.”
Dona:”Don’t mention it. Just don’t overdo your work.”

Demikianlah Contoh Dialog Offering Service 2 Orang  diatas, Semoga bermanfaat. Terimakasih 🙂


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