Kesan dan Pesan untuk Guru Bahasa Inggris yang Menarik

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Kesan dan Pesan untuk Guru Bahasa Inggris yang Menarik

Kesan dan Pesan untuk Guru Bahasa Inggris yang Menarik – Kali ini Saya akan menuliskan kesan dan pesan untuk guru bahasa Inggris di sekolah yang merupakan salah satu pelajaran ter-favorit. Belajar bersama teman-teman membuat suasana menjadi menyenangkan. Bahkan, banyak hal berkesan ketika mengikuti pelajaran tersebut.

Kesan merupakan sebuah perasaan dan pikiran yang muncul setelah melihat serta mendengar sebuah peristiwa atau sesuatu. Sementara pesan ialah sebuah pemberitahuan dari seseorang ke orang lainnya dengan cara tertulis maupun lisan.

Kesan Saya untuk Guru Bahasa Inggris

Seperti telah dijelaskan di awal apa itu pengertian kesan, kali ini Saya akan menyusun dan membuat sebuah kalimat yang telah menggambarkan perasaan selama mengikuti pelajaran bahasa Inggris ini. Berikut disajikan beberapa poinnya:

1. Menyenangkan

“As long as I take this English lesson, I think walking is very pleasant because the teacher is friendly, caring, and understanding. Besides that friends there are also very welcoming and friendly. Lessons can be absorbed easily and of course my knowledge is increasing.”
“The days that were passed during the English lessons were very short. It is certainly because it cannot be separated from the happy classroom atmosphere and mutual understanding to be one of the keys. It feels like wanting to learn English again with teachers and friends as already.”

2. Menambah Wawasan

“Learning English in this class makes me have more insight. From those who don’t know anything now have a better understanding of how to process words and speak in this language. Not lose to follow this subject, because of the nature that is memorable and present a lot of new science”
“Make it easier for me when i want to interact with strangers. It directly or not also helped me in increasing the confidence i had. So learning about it certainly not only adds academic insight into the language field but also sharpens other soft skills.”

3. Tugas yang Variatif

“The tasks given are very varied so as to avoid boredom. Make it very fun. And makes me feel like I’m always learning new things. No wonder if the class always feels lively and not monotonous. Pleasant and unforgettable experience.”
“Variatif tasks make me not bored to study every day. It also makes the class always has a new atmosphere at each meeting. Interesting things that were also unexpectedly enlivened. Of course it cannot be separated from the assignment of different tasks each time.

4. Menarik

“Variatif lessons are then presented with an interesting, make anyone who is present in the study room certainly does not want to miss learning opportunity with great fun. Different ways of teaching, and every week, making an interesting impression does not stop at one time, but also stable.”
“Small games that were presented helped enliven the class at each meeting. No wonder it also adds to the interesting impression. Small details that are present in the learning atmosphere as well as something the helps sharpen soft skills is what makes the classroom atmosphere very interesting.”

5. Menyajikan Pengalaman Berbeda

“In these English subjects the assignment is varied, and always made interesting, so that it runs very pleasant and adds insight giving rise to a learning experience that is different from usual. So that it creates its own impression for me.”
“Different experiences certainly also add and provide new insight for me. Make my experience in learning more diverse. Makes me feel at home in learning and feels fun and avoids boredom. I always like these new experience.”

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Pesan Saya untuk Guru Bahasa Inggris

Kesan dan pesan untuk guru bahasa Inggris Saya akan disajikan dalam untaian kata di bawah ini. Pengalaman yang menyenangkan dan ke seruan dalam belajar membuat Saya menyukai ilmu baru tersebut. Jadi langsung saja berikut khusus disajikan untuk pembaca sekalian:

1. Jangan Menyerah untuk Terus Mendidik

“Even though me and other friends are sometimes stubborn. But we are very happy to have a learning experience with the teacher. Do not give up facing our delinquency and evil during the teaching and learning process. Always strong and optimistic.”
“Continue to educate as well as before. And don’t change his spirit because of that we are also happy in receiving lessons. Sorry we are sometimes difficult to understand, but believe that we really enjoyed the learning process in this class.”

2. Pertahankan Kesabaran dalam Pembelajaran

“As a teacher already has patience in giving a lesson. It became an advantage that I am very grateful for because learning was very light and with ignorance and delinquency through patience you can conquer it.”
“Patience that has been owned and applied in each of these learning processes I hope can be maintained well. Because it becomes very important when in the process there are difficulties not to scold right away but to ask what makes it difficult. So don’t get caught up in situation of fear.”

3. Selalu Menyajikan Pelajaran yang Menyenangkan dan Variatif

“A pleasant learning atmosphere and provide a new nuance in each provide a new nuance in each meeting hopefully can be maintained. So the subjects that are passed will always run very pleasant and avoid boredom”

“Besides that varied assignments are also very suitable to be applied in class situations. Because with different lessons every week I can get new knowledge in that field and in my soft skills. Maintaining a pleasant classroom situation and varied assignment I hope can be done.”

4. Tetap Mempertahankan Suasana Kelas yang Menarik

“I hope that the pleasant classroom atmosphere can last. Other than that the conditions of learning are made in such a way, as to give the impression of being attractive also can survive. And it’s always fun in every lessoning.”
“Always happy and makes the classroom atmosphere more attractive hopefully always blessed in delivering their knowledge with fun. Always given health, so as to maintain conduciveness and interesting situations.”

Itu tadi kesan dan pesan untuk guru bahasa Inggris semoga bermanfaat dan kegiatan belajar mengajar selalu menarik dan menyenangkan. Semoga dapat mempertahankan kesabaran dalam mengajar seperti sebelum-sebelumnya. Serta selalu diberikan kesehatan sehingga dapat menyusun materi yang lebih variatif lagi. Demikian dan semoga bermanfaat.

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